Consulting - Guiding you every step of the way



    • Help showcase your property
    • Create a dedicated marketing plan
    • Help you determine the best price


    • Introduce buyers and other agents to your property
    • Pre-qualify buyers
    • Provide you with regular updates on showings


    • Present & negotiate with buyers on your behalf
    • Advise you on advantages and disadvantages of offers


    • Provide you information to the buyer in a timely manner
    • Coordinate with closing agent and/or attorney to deliver closing documents
    • Provide answers and resolve any issues during the closing process


    • Offer you access to services such as home insurance, home inspectors, and moving services

Factors affecting home value

    • Location, size, condition and amenities of the house
    • Local market conditions
    • Recently sold properties

Our mutual objective is to sell your home

    • For the highest possible price
    • In the shortest amount of time
    • With the most favorable terms

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